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Equipment sales and training. 

​​​Paragliding Course fees Winter 2017-18

Starter Course £250 ##

A great 2 day introduction to paragliding. Flying solo is the real way to see if you like the sensation of free flight on a paraglider. A mix of practical tasks and a modicum of theory. Designed to get you flying at low level depending upon weather and your level of fitness.

Top up to full Elementary Course £450 #  

Available when you have bought a Starter Course.

Elementary Course £660 #

Learning to fly a paraglider is challenging and great fun. Starting at the bottom of a hill your flights will progress higher and normally in approximately 6 days you will be flying from the top.

Club Pilot Course £880 #  £500 with equipment purchase, see below.

Learn how to fly higher and soar for longer, preparing you to fly with the local club. Normally takes around 6 to 8 days which should see you gain your novice qualification.

Combined Elementary and Club Pilot Courses £1,430 #

Save £110 off courses paid separately.

Club Pilot Course with Equipment purchase. £4,500 (Save at least £380)

Club Pilot course with £4,000 allowance towards new equipment. (Glider, harness, helmet)

Daily training rate £130 #

Elementary Pilot and Club Pilot courses, pay by the day. 

Red Ribbon (Pilot Course) £500 / £100 *

​The next stage preparing you to fly higher and longer distances. Unlimited coaching until you reach Pilot Rating.
* A £400 discount is offered when you buy your paraglider and harness and emergency parachute from me.

Gift Vouchers available from just £50

## Starter Course includes 2 x BHPA daily memberships. Subject to surcharge should BHPA fees increase.  

# The Elementary Pilot course requires a separate payment for BHPA membership (includes third party insurance), You can choose a daily rate of £15). 3 month at £75 or annual membership at£121. To gain your BHPA Club Pilot Rating you will need to become an annual member of the BHPA.

Fees include membership of the Manx Paragliding School and use of a glider, harness and helmet for EP & CP  courses.

N.B BHPA memberships current at 1st April 2015 and subject to change without notice.

 ​Click the link below to download my booking form from Dropbox.com​. Just ignore any request to register, go to the bottom of the form and select "No thanks and continue to view link ->" and then click the BLUE download button.

N.B. To open the booking form requires a PDF reader app. If you don't have one on your PC or mobile device then email me and I'll post a form to you.

Click here to download a booking form. 


11/4/2015 Dave O.
Noel taught Rachael and I to fly a long time ago in a land far away (Wales) and since then we've given up the 9 to 5 and now run a paragliding holiday business in France! All thanks to the inspiration of Noel and paragliding. So watch out it could be a life changing experience to learn with Noel.

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