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Catherine M. County Durham. 9/11/16

Thank you very much, me and Stu are still grinning like Cheshire Cats and haven't stopped talking about it! 
It was a brilliant day and we both can't thank you enough for taking the time to take us out. I'm sure next time we are on the island we will be giving you a call for another go! ... 😀 

...Once again thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to fly.
Cheers, Catherine

David C. Isle of Man [4.0 star rating]
In a word....Fantastic!....my flying skills have really improved since using Manx Paragliding Schools advice. The only reason I could not give them a 5 star is that I trained elsewhere 3 years ago and this was before they established the business. Give them a try you won't be disappointed.

From my daughter Kate's Facebook page. 24/4/15

Well it doesn't look flyable for the next week but I've had a Great couple of weeks flying. Love this sport! Plus its introduced me to some wonderful people who I now call my friends,

thanks for such N amazing gift Dad!

“A very professional instructor”
[5 of 5 stars] Steve T.

Reviewed 18 April 2015

I learned to fly with Noel and it was one of the best decisions I ever made...
Noel is a patient, very experienced and very thorough instructor - having completed the first two courses with him I went back to his school to get some flying experience in a safe, nurturing environment and, once I spread my wing (pun intended) at other sites not under supervision, I was so pleased that I had such a good grounding in the sport. I cannot recommend him highly enough! Visited January 2015

11/4/2015 Dave O.
Noel taught Rachael and I to fly a long time ago in a land far away (Wales) and since then we've given up the 9 to 5 and now run a paragliding holiday business in France! All thanks to the inspiration of Noel and paragliding. So watch out it could be a life changing experience to learn with Noel.

Here are some testimonials from pilots some of which learned to fly with us very recently and some quite a while ago!

 We hope that you will experience some of joy and adventures these incredible individuals have had by coming to learn to fly a paraglider with us. Noel Humphreys CFI.

10/4/2015 Sophie T.
Paragliding is the ultimate outdoor sport. We use an environment, air, that we can't see. While training, Noels calm, patient approach enabled me to learn, discover and advance at my own pace. It was fun. He helped me to develop a feeling for conditions, work with the paraglider and fly safely.  I first flew with Noel in 1995 and 20 yrs on I still feel very privileged to be part of the world of paragliding and to count the sky as my favourite playground.

9/4/2015 Pat D.
All I wanted was to fly off a big mountain and land at the bottom. Noel showed me that there was so much more to this fantastic sport and transformed me into a life-long pilot. When I emerged from training with my licence and started to meet new pilots from other schools I realised just how thorough my training had been. Most important of all though - Noel inspired me!


12/4/2015 Gabriel G.
Paragliding is the most incredible thing I've ever done! I wish I could accurately describe what it feels like.  There is the sensation of excitement and exhilaration as your feet leave the ground and your body is lifted up into the air.  You sit back into the comfortable seat of your harness and glide along, feeling the wind against your face, watching the ground and landscape pass beneath you, marvelling at the amazing view and the fact that you are flying, changing direction, and controlling your path.  Noel gave me my first paragliding experience when he took me on a tandem flight over Beinn-y- Phott on the Isle of Man.  I had no knowledge about paragliding and throughout the flight Noel explained what was happening with the air and the glider as we were changing altitude and directions.  I thought it was amazing!  If you are in two minds about whether or not to try this, I'd say DO IT!  You won't regret it!  Noel has decades of experience, and he made paragliding feel relaxed and fun.  Following this experience I completed EP/CP training.  Noel continues to help me improve my learning with his vast knowledge of flight theory and pilot experience.  He is brilliant at providing practical demonstrations, which I find really helpful, and he has given me much needed guidance and support on my groundhandling skills and hill-side launching.  He has a great way of making things easy to understand and a very encouraging and supportive approach with people.  Noel also improved my confidence in a particular aspect of handling the glider in the air when he took me on another tandem flight following my CP training.  This lesson was invaluable to me and I would recommend this to newly qualified Club Pilots or to anybody who just wants to enjoy the amazing experience of paragliding.  We are fortunate here on the Island to have such a good tutor in Noel.  I would highly recommend him to any prospective paraglider or adventure craving individual :-)  Thank you Noel for your enthusiasm and support!

13/4/2015 Trini S.
By far the best experience !!! Unforgettable landscape and the feeling of flying down the wind ... . A dream ... I have no words to describe it ... even in Spanish !! I just know I want to do it again soon !!! Thanks Noel for inviting me to dance in the air.

Trinidad from Argentina.

14/4/2015 Giles M.

Cool headed, patient and very knowledgeable, Noel is an asset to the Isle of Man paragliding fraternity. Thanks for helping me through my pilot exam recently Noel.

14/4/2015 Steve N.
First met Noel on a hillside in North Wales in Aug 1990, he taught me to fly paragliders which genuinely changed my life. I have flown in some amazing places around the world, thanks to Noel's teaching skills. I am currently preparing for the Red Bull X-Alps, which is one of the biggest paragliding events in the world, enough said! I've kept  in touch with Noel, as he's a thoroughly decent chap.

15/4/2015 Richard B.
I first met Noel when I joined the Manx Paragliding Club in 2010. Noel has always been very approachable and happy to help when I needed insights into improving my flying - always a work in progress!

In the spring of 2014 by popular demand Noel stated running coaching for Club Pilots looking to progress and take their Pilot rating exam. I joined the group and under Noel's expert guidance sat and passed my Pilot exam in June 2014. Noel's coaching was immensely useful and helped me gain the in depth understanding that I really needed to thoroughly understand the training material.

I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending Noel Humphreys and the Manx Paragliding School.

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