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SIGMA 10 - Epic XC
The SIGMA 10 continues the story of the legendary SIGMA
Series. With an aspect ratio of 6.16 and 66 cells the new ADVANCE XC flagship is positioned at the centre of the EN/LTF C class. The high-tech sportster combines outstanding performance with sporty dynamic and distinguished colours. The best starting point for epic cross country experiences.

Performance benchmark for Sport Class
The SIGMA 10 is based on a totally new technological platform, which completely frees it from previous models. The resulting performance boost is striking. The XC Sportster takes advantage of even the smallest of climbs, and in bumpy air its performance shows even more improvement! These are exactly the qualities that make an excellent cross country wing.

The new Sportiness
The new profile distinguishes itself by its balanced pitch stability and good tracking, which contribute to relaxed flying over long distances. Even so the SIGMA 10 demonstrates comfortably spritely handling, allowing the pilot to feel the sportiness of the wing. This combination guarantees maximum flying fun.

The Most Modern Features
Stress and weight optimised Sliced Diagonals arrange for perfect tension distribution inside the wing - likewise Miniribs for a uniform trailing edge. The SIGMA 10 is constructed in the ADVANCE Quality-Lightweight style, and the 25 size weighs a mere 4.9 kg.

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When it comes to buying a wing I must admit I'm rather biased, I do rather like Advance for their quality, longevity and above all else how they fly.  

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Iota - Easy Performance

A High-Level EN B glider for ambitious  cross-country pilots. Featuring an optimized, low-weight design, the XC-Intermediate IOTA represents the most accommodating balance between performance and piloting ease within the entire ADVANCE product range. The high performance capabilities of the IOTA open the door to the world of long cross-country flights.

Alpha 6 Motor

Because of its good takeoff qualities, high stability, damped behaviour and compactness the ALPHA 6 is ideally suitable for paramotoring. Hybrid-Risers, which can also be used for flight without the motor, are recommended.

Alpha 6 - Come fly with me

Entry level wing that will literally take you beyond your school. Designed to learn with and ample performance for your first cross country flights. Easy launching and excellent thermalling.

BIBETA 6 - More fun at work

Flying should be fun. If you make ten flights a day as a professional tandem pilot - where efficiency, economy and passenger safety share priority – flying is often hard work. In the BIBETA 6 we have managed to achieve the difficult objective of packing the best of current tandems into one product – with no compromise: fun all round - all day.

Epsilon 8 - True Friendship

Perfectly balanced with unmistakeable looks. The new EPSILON 8 conveys a distinctive feel-good factor and glows with an ideal mix of precision, performance and safety.

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Because of its good launching qualities, high stability, damped behaviour and compactness the EPSILON 8 is ideally suitable for paramotoring. Hybrid-Risers, which can also be used for flight without the motor, are recommended.

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OMEGA XALPS - Speed of Light

Chrigel Maurer and Sebastian Huber chose the OMEGA XALPS for the 2015 X-Alps: and a good choice it was. These two exceptional pilots achieved first and second! They flew more than 1000 kilometres in seven days, under very challenging conditions. This shows the sort of high average speed that is routinely possible with this wing. The EN/LTF D certified OMEGA XALPS is the perfect wing for cross country pilots with ambitions.

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